Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dipped Captain's Chair

Hey Y'all!  We have about five projects completed and I'm just now getting some time to post.  

So, we picked up two of these captain's chairs about 7 years at yard sale for $2 a piece.  I did not ever want to paint them.  Then, one Saturday my husband and kids were out cleaning the garage when I walked out to my sons painting one of the chairs white.  WHAT?!!   My husband thought it would be a fun project for them.  The half painted chair sat in the garage for about a year....we really only used them when extra seating was needed for guests.  I had been using the non painted one as a landing point for the things that I needed to take from inside of the house to the car.  Returns, library books, gifts etc.  I admired the dipped furniture look and was planning to paint a small campaign side table so I thought to get to work on the white painted chair while I had my oil based brushes out.  My 5 year old painted about 95% of the main coat (my husband and I helped with the drips).

Here is the non-painted one.  This is where the dipped one sits now.   

They gave about 3 coats of Rustoleum Gloss Almond that I had left over from here.

I let it dry for about 3 days and then taped off the legs.

Have you seen the line of Valspar Spray paints at Lowes??  The array of colors is vast compared to the limited color selection at Home Depot.  The is just one half of the cage.  

I was overwhelmed and came home with more than I needed.  The two whites are for another project to be revealed soon.  They had about 4 different shades of white.  Awesomeness.

I wanted a satin finish to contrast with the high gloss of the Rustoleum.  I was looking for a deep bluish gray.  I went with Indigo Streamer.

Isn't this moment like opening a present?

And, now for a plethora of pictures.  And, you get a somewhat of a campaign reveal.  

I whipped up a little pillow cover for the pics hehe.

I'm on a beige kick, I know.  Nice to be back for a bit.  I hope to post another project next week.  

Have a blessed weekend, Everybody.

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