Thursday, November 15, 2012

Craigslist Thursday

Why Hello, Everybody!  YOu know what time it is.....time for a whole lotta leather, a big ol' table, some solid modern seating arrangements, a Henry Link Bali Hai dresser combo, a King canopy bed set and a fermenting table set.  That last one is my best attempt to form a riddle.  Craigslist Thursday!! 

King Bedroom set made in Germany.  Looks like like Ikea, but hey, Nice lines and a good deal.  $265.

Arizona Leather Couch 2 Recliners.  The two ends recline out.  2 years old.  Not too shabby at $1,200. Even better at $800.

White Leather Ashley Sofa. $250.

Pair Modern Chrome Leather Chairs.  $40.

Large Dining Table.  $175.

Vintage / MCM chest of drawers.  Fun to paint or leave as is.  $119.

Henry Link Bali Hai Style Dresser and Nightstand.  Hey, and y'all....only serious people text.  $160.

Inspiration Pic Below from Here.

Tolix style metal cafe chairs.  Pair.  $60.

Wrought Iron Bar Stools.  These would be fun to paint and recover.  $50.

Wrought Iron Patio Set.  $125.

This is your new kitchen set.  A real eye catcher.  Only $200.

Make some furniture out of barrels, y'all!!!

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