Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The $2.00 Pillow Cover....with Piping and Invisible Zipper

Why, Howdy.  Remember when I bought this fabric from the Goodwill Store?  I have been meaning to switch out the covers on a couple of Ikea Stockholm pillows.  The fabric is vintage and I wanted make it a little more mod with some black piping.  Each pillow cover cost me a total of.....wait for it.......$2.00!!!  You already knew that because it is in my heading.  So, this tutorial will go over the following:

How to Install Piping on a Pillow.  

How to make an invisible zipper on a piped pillow.  Now, Say that 5 times fast.  

Here we go, y'all!!!

Supply List:

Fabric.  2 panels that need to be the size of your pillow plus an inch on both measurements.


Piping / Bias Tape.

Tape Measure.

Zipper.  Coordinates with your piping.  About an 2 inches shorter than the length of your fabric.  Or longer, because I will show you how to cut it to fit.

Thread that coordinates with your piping and zipper.

Sewing Machine.  Obviously.  Unless you want this project to take a bazillion years.

Pillow Insert.  



Get the measurements of your pillow insert.  My Ikea ones have the measurements on the tag.  Now, add and inch to both the length and the width for the seam allowance.

You can trace your measurements on the fabric.  And, cut.

I am doing a total of 4 throw pillows.  So I have a total of.  8.  Squares.  Pretty Difficult, right?

Now, pin your piping to the right side of one fabric piece with the bias tape facing the outside.

Pin all the way around.

When you get to the end, overlap the existing piping that you started with, by about an inch and cut.

Pull apart the bias tape a bit to expose the pipe cording.

Cut, JUST the CORDING at the same place of where your pinned piping is.

Now, overlap the bias tape onto your original start of piping is and pin into place.

Get your zipper footer.

Start sewing right on the same seam of the your piping.

I kinda just worked my way around the edges.

You might have to raise your footer to adjust.

Piping complete.

Now, this is the tricky part, so pay close attention.  All the tutorials I found online were really no help to me so I kinda just figured out my own method.  Look close at the pictures.

Place the zipper (zipper pull face down) onto your piping.

I pinned my zipper at the point where the teeth are pretty close to the piped cord.

Sew into place.

Mmkay.  Zip your zipper.  Flip your fabric and zipper over, wrong side facing up and pin the other fabric onto the other side of your zipper.  **You will want to iron about a 1/4 inch fold on your fabric.** 

Sew other side of zipper.

Important.  Unzip a couple inches on your zipper and put the right side of of both fabrics together.

Line them up and Pin into place.

Sew the pieces together.

Clip off excess fabric on your corners to avoid bunching.

Clip off any access fabric.  I was impatient when I measured and cut my original pieces and my squares were all wonky.

Mmmmmhmmmm.  All done.  Unless you have more to do.  If so, then get to work.

Can you tell I'm really proud with all my pictures?  Go pipe some pillows, y'all!

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JoshandMindy said...

They turned out great!!! :)

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