Monday, November 5, 2012

Campaign Style Nightstand Makeover

We finally refinished the set of campaign style nightstands that we picked up at the Salvation Army Home Store a few weeks ago.  

Here are the materials we used.  The star of the show was the Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel.  It is an oil based paint that produces a lovely high gloss finish without having to sand or prime.  Win!  It is kinda messy though and you should really make sure to give your good brushes a thorough cleaning with some paint thinner.  This safer paint thinner was thick and milky without the toxic fumes.

Mmmmhmmmm.  My new Favorite furniture paint.  

We filled in any deep surface damage or holes with some wood filler.

Start brushing that liquidy gold on.  No sanding or priming required.

I wanted the night stands to be even with our mattress for easy accessibility which required about three inches of extra height.  My handy dad made me 8 legs with beveled edges out of a long 4 x 4 piece of wood.  Thanks, Dad!

In order for the legs to sit flush on the underside of the wood, my husband.....what?  You're surprised those aren't my arms and hands??  He scraped the wood triangle bracket off with a wood chisel

He also made sure the glue was completely scraped off to ensure the legs would fit snug against the sides and top.

He then used Titebond wood glue to securely attach all 8 legs and let rest for about 48 hours.  We ended up applying about 3 light coats of the Rust-Oleum paint.

Finished and settling.

All settled nicely in our room.  We are still on the hunt for some inch wide brass L brackets for those outer corners to make them look a little more "campaigny"........"campaignish".....yeah, "campaignier."

Happy DIYs Y'all! 


Anonymous said...

I love this style of campaign night stands. You did a great job painting them and your color choice is subtle, but stunning. I even think that the added feet make them more substantial. There are plenty of on-line retailers that sell campaign hardware and for reasonable prices.

Diligent Designer said...

Thanks, Decorumdiyer! I am having a hard time finding L brackets that are wide enough.....but, I still really love them without the extra hardware. I am finishing up another (actual) campaign side table in the same color. I hope it looks good in my front living room space. I will post that project soon. Thanks for peeking in :)

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