Saturday, May 11, 2013

Peshtemal Towel Pillows!! With DIY Piping.

Do you remember the Turkish Towels I purchased HERE?

I loved the material so much that I decided to make a few pillows out of them!

Here is what I started with:

Now, you may ask, "why cut up a beautiful towel and not just purchase some striped beige and white fabric?"  Well, 1)  I was really torn about cutting them up....heh heh "torn"  2)  I love the feel of this fabric  And, 3)  I could not find this size stripe for the life of me.  I specifically wanted about a 1/2 inch stripe....not a quarter and not an inch or 2 inch.  The 1/2 inch seemed to be such a nice medium between modern and traditional.  Just to note:  I am using the excess towels scraps to make two hand towels and a few wash cloths.....

I wanted to give them a more tailored look by adding coordinating piping.  The piping was also useful in drawing a distinct contrast between the differing back (a white Walmart Mainstays Flat Sheet) and front material (The Towel).  I chose to go this route because of cost.  The towels come out to be about $15 with shipping from Turkey and the flat sheet was $4.47.  I used a total of Two Towels and One Flat Sheet for Two Throw Pillow and Two Euro pillows, which comes out to be about $9.00 per cover (total cost, not including inserts). 

The piping is made out of another Mainstays Flat Sheet in beige.

I cut about a (4) 2 1/2 inch wide strips on the flat sheet.  No need to cut the whole length of the strip, just cut about 4 inches up from the bottom and tear the rest of the way.

Fold your strips around the cording.

And, sew as close as you can to the inner cording.

I used about 10 yards of cording.

We then look out the dining room window and see this: 

Look closer.......DUCKS!

Back to the pillows:

Then I pinned and sewed my piping around the towel fronts.  If you need more of a detailed tutorial on piped pillows view my post HERE.

I made these pillows "envelope style" because I didn't want to deal with zippers.  There are many great tutorials out there on easy envelope pillows.

What is great about these, though, is I did not have to finish those inner seams.  I just used the existing factory seams on the sheet.

And, here are the throw pillows for our bed.

No Shams on those three Euro pillows in the back.  Those will be coming up in my next post.

And, Here are the Euro pillows I made for the boy's beds.

Here is a shot of the back.  Can you see the finished factory seam on there?  Easy!!

I think he likes it ;)  This was immediately after I finished up late at night.

Start with This:

End with This.

Up Next are some coordinating Duvet covers for the boy's beds.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend, Mommas!

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