Friday, March 1, 2013

My Wheels are Turning

Hey, Y'all!

You may or may not have noticed that I have been absent from the blogosphere for some time now.  Our family has been experiencing much in the spiritual trial area and the creative aspect of my life has been on hold.  Now, we are renewed for a new season, my mind is clearer, and my wheels are crazy.  The weather is warm and I have a strong sense for everything around me to be freshened up, as in cleaned and revamped.

We are making an Ikea run in the near future and on our shopping list is drinking glasses, dish towels, frames, and I am doing some serious considering of purchasing new curtains for the front living area.  I adore the linen Aina Ikea curtains we used as a shower curtain in our guest bathroom and would love to purchase a white pair (or two) for our front room.  To pull the other colors in, I'm thinking about sewing some yellow greek key trim as an accent.  The ikea coffee table has got to go, but the kids love it and I like that I don't really care how much they bang it up, and it takes a beating for sure.

Here is my mock up of the Ikea curtains with greek key trim.

Also, I was on the hunt for a new narrower hutch, because the dining room was jam packed with the table, hutch and Paul Mccobb dresser in the foyer.  We moved the McCobb to the guest room after we found this little iron and copper x table.  More on that table next.  With the lighter table, the hutch should work.  I do like the hutch, just not the color.  The plans are to paint it a shade darker than the Sherwin Williams Nonchalant White on our walls.  Maybe I'll do something fun like wallpaper or some bright paint for the inside too.....

A few months ago I spotted this foyer table on Craigslist for $40.  It is iron and pretty solid.  The top is a distressed copper.  The mirror is from Homegoods.  We originally purchased a metal sunburst mirror from Lowes that I loved, but it was too much metal in one place.  I like the mix of materials in the mirror and table.

And, I nixed my mod southwest pillows that I made here.  Well, not nixed, but I will probably make new covers and move them elsewhere.  Too many prints going on at once, I think.  The greige pillows are Calvin Klein from TjMaxx.  The texture is nice and simple.  The color matches the walls and kinda anchors the room better.  

The light is probably gonna go and we will revert it back to a flush mount fixture.  I would love to find a modern sconce like this Hanna Gold Leaf Sconce below to put above the light switches next to the mirror.

 Eyes are peeled.

It is good to be energetic and busy again.  Lots of projects to come, including a girly play kitchen makeover, some loot that we thrifted and many more revamps of furniture and accessories.  Stay tuned!!

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