Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The $20 Vintage Brass Chandelier (Part 2) Install

It's UP!!

Now, let us begin the install of the vintage brass chandelier.  Here is the original post when I first picked it up off of Craigslist.  And, here is the cleaning process of the chandelier.  First, my husband and his friend, Danny, had to move the outlet over about a foot to be center with our dining table. 

Here is the existing outlet. 

Some of the supplies needed for rewiring and patching up the old hole.

New electrical box and patched up old one.

We had to extend the chain and wiring in order for the light to hang about 36 inches above the table, which is about how high your dining light should hang.  Danny thought best to replace the original wiring since we were having to extend it.  The wiring was over 50 years old, so we thought that might be safer too.

Now, I'm gonna be honest and tell you that I have no clue the technical terms and actions that are about to unfold...but, I did take some pictures!

Danny uses some wire nuts on the old wires (???).  What he is going to do is basically pull the old wiring through the base finial with the new wiring....

New wiring is some lamp cord.  I went with the clear colored one.

Nice tool bag, Danny.....hehehehe

Sorry, I was too busy with my kids to take pictures of the actual install.  

But, here are the guys putting up some spray texture.  The cheap spray texture does not match perfectly with the existing texture on the ceiling, but I told them I was OK with that.  Look how happy they are. 

Texture immediately after application.

And, magically.....

Old outlet hold patched, painted, and dry.  You can obviously see the difference, but really how often do you look at the ceiling unless you're laying down.

My old toile seat cushions will be recovered in this cream and black polka dot fabric that I picked up years ago.  

Now, back to reality and what my dining room usually looks like.  Coming up is the tweaking of this adorable Chinese Canton lamp that was picked up at Goodwill.

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Natty by Design said...

so jealous over here. love it!

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