Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make Your Own Mrs. Meyer's Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Do you use disposable cleaning wipes?  I started implementing this cleaning schedule used by Jenny Komenda over at Little Green Notebook.  Part of my daily routine includes wiping down all the bathroom counter tops AND toilets......I have four males in this household...Well, my 6 month old doesn't really count in the toilet department yet-- but I like to make it known that I have four males in my house.  Not for sympathy, though, maybe it's pride.....thinking....Maybe it's that it makes me a rarity because I'm the only female in the, it's Vanity.....Did I mention there are four males in my house?....  It can be kerAzzzy!  ..Well, I absolutely cherish my Mrs. Meyer's natural scented cleaners.  Is it weird that their Geranium scent encourages me to clean?  Anyways,  I DO use cleaning wipes to make things more efficient around here and a lot of them.  I usually alternate between Costco's brand of cleaning wipes, Seventh Generation wipes, and Mrs. Meyer's wipes.  Why do I alternate?  I love the Costco brand's texture.  Same texture as their baby wipes, but soaked in a cleaning agent.  The downside is the harsher chemicals and the smell.  I like the Seventh Generation wipes because of the thinner texture and Thyme scent.  But, they streak like crazy and they don't have the little scrubbie bubbles on them like the Costco ones.  I obviously love the scent of the Mrs. Meyer's wipes and the texture is ok, but the price is astronomical.   The cheapest price I have found  for a 24 count package of Mrs. Meyer's wipes is $3.89 not including tax.  That is about $0.16 per wipe.  I use at least 3 to wipe down my 2 1/2 bathrooms 6 days a week.  That is about $3.00 per week, $12 per month and $144 per year.  And, all that waste!  Anyways, I sought to find/make the perfect cleaning/disinfecting wipe that cost less, has the smell I love, and is just the right size and texture.  So far, my homemade ones are working fabulously.

***UPDATE***  After the 3rd time washing these, I noticed that the Scotch Brite Brand of reusable wipes are starting to separate on a few on, getting holey.  I think the last few times I washed them on a HOT setting.  So, I might try some other brands and test their durability in the laundry.  Or, you might consider washing these on a cold, gentle cycle.

All you need is:  

One or More packages of Scotch Brite Reusable Wipes or Other BRAND of Washable WIPES.  (Walmart) around $1.77 per package of 6.  Read ABOVE "UPDATE"!!!!

A container to hold the wipes.  Should be tightly sealed to retain moisture and easy to pull from.  I like my old Seventh Generation container because it is oblong, but a square container will work fine too.  

Your favorite cleaner.  If you want your wipes to have a Mrs. Meyer's scent, the cheapest method is buying the condensed All-Purpose cleaner for about $7.89 at Walmart.  It goes a looonnngg way.  I purchased the bottle below over a year ago.  Or, you can make your own natural cleaner with essential oils.   

Open your wipes.

If you like your wipes on the smaller scale.Cut in half.

This is what they look like unfolded, after they have been washed and dried in the laundry.

You should have 12 smaller sized wipes.

With the Mrs. Meyer's condensed cleaner it takes a little under 1/3 cup, sometimes less, and you dilute it with about a cup of water.

Seal tightly.


I just throw em in the laundry at the end of the week and start over again.  Not too much of a hassle, saves you money, and saves the earth from a little more waste.

Make your house and earth clean....but not your pockets, y'all!, not really, for cryin' out loud, wash your britches.  

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JoshandMindy said...

Awesome. I can do that. Thanks for experimenting for me first :)

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