Friday, March 8, 2013

Bunk Bed Lighting

Anyone out there with bunk beds find it difficult to read (at least on the bottom bunk) once the sun goes down?  Even when we would have the fan light and dresser lamp on at night it was still an eyesore to read to my boys before bed. 


I set out to find some wall lamps that were a unique style, with a low wattage and did not jet out too much from the wall (I really love the look of those accordion ones that pop out) but, they are ill suited for for crazy, wiggly sleeping boys.  There were a few at Ikea and Lowes that would work....but, they were a big meh.  I spotted the Urban Outfitters Eyeball sconce in brushed brass months ago but alas they sold out.  

Daily Design Elixer

The white one went down in price from $29 to $24 so I decided to go ahead and order two for the boy's beds.  

Doesn't a unique, quality light (lights) sometimes just make a space.  I love the way the mid-century modern style kinda flows with the steel bed and modern Minka fan. 

When we first installed them, my eldest, on his bunk, in a serious gaze, slowly nodding his head in somewhat disbelief and whispered, "Mommy, these are just so great.  Just, so very great."  I gotta say, I do know that boy very well, and I knew he would really appreciate the gift.  But, I did not expect that response.  SCORE!  

Yeah, that is my middle child looking at book upside down.  What??

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Adriana said...

Thank you for your photos and advice, they were very helpful. I ordered a lamp from Urban Outfitters for my daughter's bunk bed, great deal, similar look to the ones you got.
Best wishes,

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