Monday, January 14, 2013

The $20 Chandelier.....and Sconce Duo (Part 1)

Back in November my husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  Have you heard of the traditional gift ideas that match each year that you are married?  We have loosely followed this list over the years and the price / material range has definitely varied year by year depending on our finances.  Take a peek at this site here to view the list.  Did you notice the modern material for year 7?  This year we were on the lower end of our price range but, it is a treasure we will hold dear.  We purchased this vintage brass chandelier and sconces for a mere $20 from a lovely couple off of Craigslist.  It took us a while to get it up in our dining room because of busy holiday schedules and we wanted our handy (very-- professional contractor--handy) friend, Danny, who made and installed our walnut fireplace mantel here, to give us the peace that the chandelier would work (as in turn on) and hang without crashing into our dining table potentially killing someone.....seriously, this light is Heavy!  There was much cleaning and prep work to be had before the install.  This is how we started out. 

Fresh home from a post off of Craigslist:

A close up of grime and dust.

I started out mixing a bit of mild detergent with warm water.


Wipe off with dry rags.

Making Progress.


Now for a bit of tarnish remover.  The acidity in the ketchup is supposed to gently break down some of the grim without harming the brass.  I did not want to get the brass shiny, so I only had to use a bit of ketchup and a little rubbing.

Next, I did a finish wipe with a mild cleaner to get the ketchup off.

Now to clean a bazillion crystals.

And, now to figure out where they all go.

Finished install coming up next!!

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