Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Weekend's Loot / Sneak Preview

Happy Monday, everyone.  Hope you had a relaxing and potentially prosperous thrifting weekend.  I kinda did.  I was really looking for a friend and searched to no avail.  Here are a few things I did pick up last Thursday.

This vintage brass Chandelier is going to get some cleaning and the white light holders will be painted black.  It is pretty small, but we are hoping it will fit in the dining room.  If not, it will add some drama to one of the bathrooms.  Chandeliers cast such a romantic lighting in those small spaces ;)

This Aztec fabric has great colors and was a steal at $2 for about 4 yards of fabric.  Might be a fun future pillow project for the front living area or in the black and white rug room to pull in some of the rusty oranges and ochre yellows.

Also, we were busy working on a few projects over the weekend and should be finished by the end of this week.  So, check back soon.

Remember these night stands we picked up a few weeks ago?  They are on their second coat drying in my garage.  They need one more thin layer and they will be sitting, hopefully beautifully, in my bedroom in the next few days.  We used an oil based paint on this project and it is proving to be a big hit in the project department.  No sanding or priming and the finish is a glossy high quality almond color that we brushed on....not sprayed.  

Also, flag bunting for the boy's room.

Stay tuned!  

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