Monday, June 3, 2013

Border Stripe Twin Duvet Cover DIY (with added monogram)

Well, this was supposed to be some awesome DIY tutorial (refined version of the Olatz Copy Cat HERE) about twin duvet covers.  But, alas, when I upgraded some new software on my computer it mysteriously ate the last years worth of my photos, including all the ones covering my process for the twin duvets.  So, if you are looking for a Border Stripe Duvet Cover you can gander over HERE at this tutorial in a king size.  This project was much easier than the Olatz one because 1) it is my second time making a duvet 2) the size is smaller and 3) I took the TWO border stripes straight down the sides to the end.  In the Olatz copy cat I made joined the borders together with a third making a kind of rectangle. 

What I used for this project are as follows:

4 White Twin Mainstays Flat Sheets from Walmart $4.47 (you may have to peek in a few Walmarts as inventory is scarce.  Perhaps people are catching on a pretty great material for a low price)...or alot of people need twin flat sheets in white.  I originally bought Ikea flat sheets, when I took them out of the package they were super thin-see through and overall cheap.  The Walmart sheets are higher quality for about $0.50 more.

Border Material.  I used another Walmart Mainstays Sheet in beige that was leftover from my Peshtemal Towel Pillow Project Here.

Coordinating Thread (White & Beige for me)

Zipper or Whatever kind of closure you prefer for the opening.

Total Cost Was $12 per Duvet Cover (without the Monogramming).  Monogramming was $7.50 per Duvet making it just under $20 per Duvet!

And, Here is how they turned out!

And, here is a before.


And, I thought I might include a few shots of the Monogrammed Pillows on our bed.  I found this gal through the Yellow Pages (online) who is located a few blocks down the street from me.  She has a Monogram machine the size of a large SUV in her home.  I asked her how much something like that cost, and let's just say you could buy two actual suvs for the price paid over the last 10 years!  I showed her a few pictures of what I was looking for.  Generally a Monogrammer will charge a base price of $6.00 (which is good for about 20,000 stitches) and charge per stitch after that.  Our euro pillow shams cost $6.00 a piece and the boy's duvet covers were $7.50 a piece.  

Here is a Before.  The shams were clearance at Ikea for about $3.00 a piece.  Up close, they are white (obviously) with a light grey blue stripe and dot pattern.

I think it is the southerner in me that hearts monogrammed pieces.  Growing up we had our names/initials on our backpacks, cheer bags (don't laugh), socks shirts....  Too much monogramming can be overkill, I know, but I think a little really adds a nice tailored element to a room.  

And.  Now you know all my family's initials.  Yay.  

It is summertime, y'all!  

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Daisy Rogers said...

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