Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Craigslist Thursday.....nooooo Wednesday.

My time clock is soooo off, everybody.  I did it again, yet a day early.  I will post some more tomorrow on the real Thursday.  I am going to blame it on the season.  Welp, here you have it.  Craigslist WEdnesday this week.  Maybe next week, to really confuse you, I will do CL Monday.

I'll make this short:  chesterfield...who knows what condition because they stored it outside....what?!?, some awesome rugs, a hutch, chest, and ugly lamps....

Green Leather Chesterfield.  $75.

Ugly White Lamps.  No seriously "Ugly White Lamps!!!!! w Shades - $20 "  They actually are not bad.  Just need new drum or barrel shades.

Outdoor Table.  I wish this one wasn't so far from me, because it looks solid and will work with the set I have.  $40.

This Henredon Cabinet is a splurge.  But, I love it.  $375.

Chest of Drawers.  $45.

How many of you remember sitting in front of one of these bad boys?  Speaking of which, I called the DVD player the VHS player the other day and my son was like, "what is that?"  

I think it's the Texan in me that hearts cowhide.  $70.

Rug.  $190.

See you again tomorrow!

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