Friday, December 7, 2012

Craigslist Thurs....FRIDAY?!!

Wow.  My good friend reminded me that I hadn't posted this week.  I told her it had been a busy morning and I will get to it later...that sometimes I do CL Thursdays later in the day.  She looked at me perplexed.  Then I realized it was FRIDAY.  What!?!  Today we have a stumpy table, a few outdoor patio sets, a ridiculous rug, a few tables, a number of the ridiculous rug, and something I will hopefully get my hands on this weekend.

Oh, projects and more posts to come.  We cleaned out our garage a few weekends ago and my husband wanted me to begin research / buying camping gear for spring and summer break.  So, any extra time has been devoted to camping gear.  I have found some stupendous finds, but I'm sure you're not interested in camping gear.  Home thrify design has been on the back burner for the time being.  But, Christmas break is approaching which means we will assuredly be project busy.  

CL FERIDAY, Y'all!  I will try to not say that again in the future.

Tree Stump Table.  These tables are red hot right now and go for way more than $50.  I would switch out the base though.  $50.

Bamboo Desk.  $70.

Solid Brass Entry Table.  $75.

Aiden Shade Print.  I am not looking to buy an Aiden Shade Print, but I had to post because it reminded me of the beloved Joan Cawley Gallery where I worked as assistant director.  Boy I loved that job and my director (still do :).  Aiden's original work was in the back showroom of the gallery where I would usually be editing files, rearranging/organizing artwork and station myself during shows for buyers....this image conjures up many memories.   $50.

We are picking this up today.  

What!?!  In my dreams....even if I did have $790 to spend, you know it would be goin in my kitchen fund, y'all!!

This runner is more in my price range.  $40.

This coffee table is another splurge, but I'm looking for one similar.  Solid rosewood.  Beautiful.  $250.

Tall wood china hutch.  We are probably picking this one up tomorrow.  I have been looking for a taller thinner one to replace my other hutch.  I plan on painting it chalkboard black.

Another, "In my dreams."  Herman Miller office chairs.  $500 EACH!!!  WHAT?!

This tufted leather modular set is super deep and looks super comfy.  $500.

Glam brass desk / vanity chair.  $10.

Who doesn't have an affinity for cool chairs?!  MCM chair.  Fun Re-upholster.  $55.

Large Dining Table and 6 Chairs.  I would ditch the chairs.  Needs Refinishing.  But, check out that leg detail.  Love!  $250.

Wicker and Steel Patio Set.  If you have ever shopped patio furniture before you know that the good stuff and even the not so good stuff is E'SSPENSIVE.  And you know that $165 for this set is not bad @ all.

I love the lines on these loungers.  $100.

Have a great weekend!

Stay TUNED, y'all!!!

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