Thursday, December 13, 2012

Craigslist Thursday

Slim Pickins' on the Craigslist front.  Usually I have about 30 finds and choose the best 10-15 and complete it in about 30 minutes.  I am having a hard time finding even three really great ones.  Maybe its the economy, maybe it's the holiday season, maybe people are just hanging on to the good stuff, or maybe it's just me.  This took me about an hour.  Whatev-ah (Kyle that was for you).  Today, people are unloading their MCM furniture and we have a whole lotta wood so get out your Pine-Sol......or, your naturally based cleaners......

It's Craigslist Thursday, y'all.  I wish you could here me say CL Thursday in my head each week.  That was kind of a low, cowboy mellow gruff growl.

Here we go!

Uh, STEAL.  Pick this one up now!  MCM cabinet.  $20.

Danish MCM Desk or Dining table.  This table is all kinds of awesome.  Wish I had use for it.  $129.

Interior Designer Custom Furniture closeout.  Looks like some great pieces.  And, I bet he is flexible with pricing.

MCM Octagon End Table.  You could find this one for cheaper at a yard sale or thrift store for way less, I'm sure. $50.

MCM Retro Chest of Drawers.  This one is really beat up.  Usually I would not paint MCM furniture, but this would be a fun project piece in a really subdued muted tone like one of these, but lighter.  

MCM Dresser Set.  Steal.  This would be mine if not in mesa.  $75.

Antique Chest of Drawers.  The listing picture is flipped sideways.  When I went to rotate it upright I realized what a truly wonderful piece this one is.  Check out that seriously deep storage.  I'd say a  Steal.  $75.

Dresser Set.  Fair condition.  But, looks really solid with great curvy lines and fine wood veneer.  But, you would probably have to paint it so that really doesn't matter about the veneer (unless you pay to have the veneer professionally mended.  $100 for set.

Mod Crib.  This is kinda pricey.  But, used modern cribs are hard to come by generally cost wayyyyy more.  And, includes organic mattress.  $269.

These club chairs are super cute and would be a fun project.  $125 for the pair.

Have a super weekend, Everybody.  People are unloading MCM so go and get your MCM furniture on!  Yet, steer clear of the cheap stuff that you will, yes will, get sick of.  Look for solid pieces or name brands that will last.

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