Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yet Another Sofa

Here lies our 10th, yes TENTH, couch in our 7 years of marriage.  We have bought and sold 3 New, 7 used)  couches ranging transitional, modern, French Provincial, cloth, chenille, all ranges of microfiber and ending with...... and I never thought I would purchase it,  leather.  Our last find was a super durable black leather tufted camel-back.  It held up so well with the boys, but was better suited for a formal living space or office and not the best in comfort ability.  So, alas, we parted ways.  I purchased this from a builder that was liquidating all of the office furniture.  It is a Nautica Lexington Sofa and is super deep and unbelievably comfortable.    

To my surprise there are different types of leather.  This is the top of the line, most resilient Pure Aniline leather.  It is super porous and breathes easy so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Did you catch that, "super porous" so it stains like crazy!!!  A tiny  drop of water soaks right in and leaves a water mark.  I was dismayed once we got home and its Achilles was revealed to me by my boys.  But, after some intense researching and about $30 for a top quality leather cleaning and conditioning kit by Master Leather. I have high hopes that I can make this beauty somewhat kid proof.

The vintage black tufted chair on the right came from a yard sale for a whopping $7.  It holds up so well and was made locally from Lou Register about 50 years ago!  I am determined to keep this one forever.  Black beauty is the reason we first considered buying a leather couch.  

Maybe once my computer is replaced and my pictures are recovered I will share my gallery of previously owned sofas and sectionals!  Yeah??  Yeah??  Ah, the unending, search for the perfect sofa saga.

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