Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's UP...

So, here is the deal.  My cell phone is out.  As of this morning my desktop is out.  Right now, I am finishing a few posts on the Ipad, which is not pretty...if you have ever posted from an Ipad.  I apologize now if my formatting and grammar are all wonky.  Oh, and I deactivated my FaceBook for the time being just to get my house in order.  I am reminded that this stage of life with my third boy (almost 6 months) requires a particular amount of physical work.  Add another two children in the mix (one in diapers) and  the whole scenario can become overwhelming physicallyand spiritually.  You should see how many bouquets of flowers I have in my house at the moment......hehe if you read this post.  The multitude of flowers does not necessarily mean I've had some extreme bouts of depression though.  We just celebrated 7 years of marriage.  I picked up a bouquet for myself thinking my husband wouldn't have the time...I was already @ Costco.  Then, he came home with two bouquets from Costco.  My home smells all kinds of pretty at the moment; With the exception of the two dipes I just changed.  So, anywho...anyhoo, anyhooohoo.  I'm having to eliminate certain areas that might draw me away from a fleeting time with my kiddos.  Priorities.  But, here ye, here ye.  In no way do I think FB is bad and draws one away from their kiddos or family.  But, my husband described it like this.  Some alcoholics are fine bar tending, others cannot even look at a drink without desiring it.  I am finding myself deflecting to the Internet when I am having a particularly trialing time.  To avoid having to deal.  So, until things slow down and I can find some time to self reflect and gain some self control, certain things will be cut out.  Also, My posts are probably going to be reduced to about two per week.  This season of life requires some sacrifice of self-life and I'm ok with that.

Don't forget me, y'all!   

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