Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Olatz Inspired Duvet Cover DIY (Part 3) Assembling the Duvet Cover

Hieee.  Now, here is the final part of the Olatz inspired duvet cover.  Take deep breaths during this process, and get a 5 minute break if you have to.  Start sewing!!  I would advise starting your first seam at the very bottom border seam.  Use your footer edge as your seam allowance guide.  Then, do the second bottom border seam.  Make sure you keep the sheet taut.   

Work your way from the inside (bottom to top) to the outside seam on each side.  My right arm felt like it was going to fall off during this process from all the straightening and adjusting.

You are almost there!!  I really love this Design Sponge zippered pillow tutorial found here.  I am sure there are actual zippered duvet cover tutorials out there too.  

Align your two sheets with the wrong sides facing each other and pin into place. 

(NOT PICTURED) Next, if you have to assemble your zipper by the yard, do so.  This can be very frustrating, but this video is extremely helpful.

Center your zipper and pin the your sheet together approximately where your stops are on the zipper.

Take another look at Design Sponge's tutorial for the sewing process that comes next.  Here.

Now, sorry but I don't have any picture of the rest of the process, because I was getting wayyyy too excited.  Here is the finished product.

And, one more with my troopers:

It was a lot of work (for me) but we are so pleased with the new set.  I get a little giddy every time I walk passed the bedroom.   

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