Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Olatz Inspired Duvet Cover DIY (Part 2). Sewing Mitered Corners.

Hello Again.  

Now we will work on the mitered edges.  I completed mine with the help of this tutorial found here.  

With the wrong side of the fabric facing you, line up each piece like so.  Use a ruler to mark a straight line from the adjoining center to the top corner.  Place the now bottom piece on top of the other piece and do the same marking on that piece.

Make sure the two lines meet up on both ends, and pin in place.

 Sew across your line.

Trim off excess fabric.

Next, I positioned and measure about where I the border should lay, on one of my trimmed sheets on top of  the bed.  I wanted the border to sit right about where each side of my mattress fell.

I then, sewed together my other mitered corner.

Then, I positioned, measured and pinned the entire border onto the right side of my flat sheet.  It worked out that there was about 14 inches of white duvet on each of the sides of the sheet and about 11 inches of white duvet at the bottom of the sheet.  I would use my tape measure every 5 or so inches to make sure everything was even.  Start pinning the bottom piece first and work your way from bottom to top on each side.


Continued in Part 3.

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