Thursday, October 18, 2012

Craigslist Thursday

Happy Craigslist Thursday.  Today we have a few fun project pieces, a few baby items and you know....a couple of wing-backs.

Chandelier.  We are going to pick this one up today.

PSYCH!!!  Please tell me you followed the link and was like, "Whaaat??!!!!"  It's gorgeous.  But, definitely would not mesh well with my humble abode, or my pocketbook.  

See More After the JUMP.

This would be a great project dresser.  It looks to have tons of storage.  The brass brackets have a campaign style and its simple straight lines have a contemporary vibe.  $30.

Set of 6 Farmhouse chairs.  These traditional chairs have unusually high backs compared to your average country kitch ones made in the 90's, which makes them unique.  Maybe antiques.  Would also be a fun project.  A steal for a set of 6 at $75.

Settee and 2 Patio Chairs.  The ad says metal, but they look wrought iron to me.  Could potentially be heavy, quality pieces for your patio.  Fun to paint.   $40.

6 Black Chairs.  I like the Oriental, mod vibe these exude.  The price would depend on the quality.  I would not purchase if they are not on the heftier side.  $90.

Massive Dining Table.  This one has been up for a while.  I would paint it a subdued color because of its ornate probably.  Would be fun with some modern Bertoia wire chairs.  This beast looks like it could seat at least 10.  $120!  What??!!

Round Wood Coffee Table.  This one appears to be a solid piece that could take a beating.  Round edges for kiddos.  Fun Project.  $50. 

Tripp Trap Modern High Chair.  $50. 

2 Velvety Wingback Chairs.  I know, I love the wingbacks.  They are a comfy classic that can be updated up with fun fresh fabrics for not a whole lot of money.  $60.

Brass and glass Sofa or Entry table.  This one would be even better if it was rectangular instead of oval.  $80.    

One more for the babies.  Fisher Price Rock N Play.  My friend let me borrow hers for my newest addition and it has been a lifesaver during homeschool and meal times.  They retail for about $60.  This one is $25.

Happy Hunting, Y'all!!

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mommyof2 said...

These are some great finds! I especially like the highchair.

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