Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (Guardsman VS Leather Masters)

It is recommended that you clean and condition your leather twice a year.  In extra dry climates it is recommended that you clean and condition your leather about every two to three months.  If you do take care of the higher quality leathers, expect them to last 20 years or more.  How is that for an investment?!  After owning this sofa for about 6 months I've found that the leather definitely starts to dry out after a couple of months.  So, this is my third time cleaning and conditioning our pure aniline leather sofa.  The Lexington tag underneath recommends Leather Masters for cleaning and conditioning.  A new kit costs about $40 on Amazon.   I found a kit on Ebay that included a new Leather Masters kit and a hardly used Guardsman kit for about $23 including shipping.  The first time cleaning the sofa I used the LM.  The results were good, but I wasn't thoroughly impressed with the conditioned finish.  It didn't really seal the surface the way the label and reviews proclaimed.  I went with the Guardsman on the second go round and it was by far the better option of the two leading leather care products.  If you have not cleaned leather before, here is the process.

DON...DON DON.......The Two Leading contenders duke it out.  After three rounds: GUARDSMAN packs the final punch.

Pour a little of the cleaner onto a sponge.  The Guardsman smells so clean and non chemic-all-y....chemically.  Just real fresh, ok!

Give it a lil squishy squish with your hands till it suds up.

Start cleaning your surface.  Make sure to get those high traffic areas on the corners that you beat up with your feet and vacuum cleaner.

When you are finished cleaning surface let it rest for 30 minutes.

Next, is the conditioner.  Pour a little on a cloth and test out on an inconspicuous surface.  After a while you get into a groove and pretty much pour it directly on the leather and work it in.  Werk it! 

It might be hard to notice any dramatic change by the photos, but there is a huge difference in the way the leather feels and how it reacts to moisture and scratching.  

Again.  Before and After.

Check out the two desert cushions on the right.  Wrinkly.  Faded.  Dry.

I am trying to ease up in my concerns with the pure aniline leather and little children scenario.  I look at the wear and tear as giving the sofa a nice patina.  I even let alone a drool mark that my 2 year old left after he unexpectedly conked out one late morning.  That image is still impressed upon me as I look at this picture--though you probably cannot see it--the drool mark I mean.  Soooo sweet.  

Nonetheless, I want to maintain it so it will last the years to come, then maybe his kids will leave little drool marks too.....aaawwwwhhhhh.

You are all like, "sick!  I don't want to sit on that drool couch!"


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mommyof2 said...

Thank-you for this. I'm going to have to condition our sofas. I totally forgot about that.

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