Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tribal Butterfly Print

We picked up a few fabulous pieces of furniture and art at a yardsale last weekend.  One piece of art in particular seemed perfect for the now blank space above the fireplace.  

The artwork on the left is a vintage David Wiedman, numbered serigraph with a pencil signature. For.  Wait for it.....$2.  Score!!  It is called "Tribal Butterfly" and will go perfectly with my Robert Rivera, "Fertility" Olla.  The piece on the right is a dark and lovely floral arrangement.  It will go in the foyer.  Pictures to come.

The room feels more complete now.  The Wiedman piece has pulled some of the rusty oranges together and the yellow is a nice pop of accent that is carried in from our front room

Here is a picture of a pendant that we found at a garage sale about a year ago.  The only information we know is that is was purchased about 25 years ago in Hawaii.  I adore the bulbs.  If you have any information on it, please do share!

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