Saturday, July 19, 2014

After much anticipation. Kitchen Remodel Begins!

So, here we are.  After about 5 years of saving money and patiently waiting, our kitchen remodel has begun.  I am a little late in posting about the progress as we have no electricity on the desktop side of the house, so I will let my photos do the talking.

If you can remember the before.  On the other side of that fridge wall is my dining room.

 Right here.

First demo for the boys to participate in.

My youngest excels in photo bombing.

Here is that ol' fridge wall again.

Where the kitchenette used to be.

"Why hello, Kitchen."  says, Dining Room.

"Why, hello, Dining Room."  says, Fireplace Room.

Meanwhile, in the front yard......

Next week, on the agenda, is drywall, texture, and trimming out all the electrical outlets.  Cabinets do not arrive until August 5th, so still much more to come!  

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