Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireplace Update

Since the purchase of our home, we constantly swayed in on our decision to paint or not to paint the fireplace. The brick is dated and now I am certain, does nothing to unify the room. The layout of the space is awkward and we wanted to modernize and open it up visually.  The first step was moistening the brick with a spray bottle of water.  We then rolled, should have sprayed, 2 coats of a bright high gloss white.

We removed the old mantel and brass screen. The mantel is being recycled and the screen is getting a few coats of high temperature black spray paint from the Home Depot. Our good friend, Danny, is in the process of making a walnut, wrap around mantel to utilize the amount of space above the fireplace. We picked out the wood at a local wood supplier, and boy did I love the exotic wood section! I went with walnut. I am anxious to see the look after it is finished.

Process after paint and placement of mantel.  Go boys! Go!

TV Mounted?  Check!

Again.  Before.

Finished product (Still need to conceal those pesky wires).

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