Thursday, November 8, 2012

Craigslist Thursday

Welp, my kids are all contagious, lying around and sleepin in.  So, I had a little extra time to browse Craigslist today.  Our roundup includes a few dressers, a few rugs, a few beds and a few things to sit on.....oh, that wasn't enticing enough?  Let's try again.  Today's roundup includes a bamboo style dresser and night stand set to paint, two wrought iron twin beds for under $70, a practically new grey microfiber couch set from Costco, a pair of vintage/modern genuine leather chairs in maroon, my black and white Stockholm rug for wayyy less, and a massive dining table for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.....oh and much more.  Did I get your attention?  It's CL Thursday, Y'all!!

Costco Microfiber Couch and Chair.  Usually I don't like to buy fabric used.  But, this set looks like you could wash the cushion covers easily.  Looks deep for cuddling.  $400.

Bedroom Set.  This one also includes a bed and armoire.  I would only want the dresser and night stands.  So fun for a redo.  $160.

Steal.  Twin Iron Daybed.  $65. 

Ikea Stockholm Rug.  Like Mine :).  These hardly ever turn up used.  We paid about $350.  $199.

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Vintage wood desk.  $40.

Leather vintage chairs with good lines.  The quality looks superb.  LOVE these.  Would love them more for $50 per chair.  But, maybe they would go down to $100 per chair.  $300.

Thomasville campaign style set of dressers.  LOVE. $160.

Dining Room Set .  $275.

Another Twin Bed.  Looks Iron.  $25

Conference Table.  Dining Table.  You may already know this.  But, if you are looking for an extra large dining table, try searching with the keyword:  conference table.  They are usually really long and wide.  Most extra long dining tables are really narrow.  $100.

Marble side tables.  $100.

Splurge.  Moroccan Tribal Rug.  $430.

Antique Chest of Drawers.  Could be Drexel Heritage??  $40

Hope you have a super weekend, everybody!

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