Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Sew (Sheet) Crib Skirt

After searching everywhere for a reasonably priced crib skirt with much ado, I decided to attempt using my Craigslist sewing machine that had been sitting in my closet for the last several months.  "Yes, I WILL SEW....."  I actually exclaimed out loud, hence the confused looks of my 3 year old's face.  I dragged it out, read the black type print in the manual trying to get the bobbin threaded through the metal clasp....needle,  winder....eye, place it in the back,,,ugh.  Watched a few beginner YouTube videos (I'm a very visual-part kinesthetic learner :).  Voila! My first ever line of sewing on an old piece of fabric.  A rush of exhilarated accomplishment seized my soul.  Off to Goodwill for some vintage fabric shopping.  After much awaited anticipation, I held the fabric up to the crib and came to the conclusion that I should just cut to measure, iron and Velcro that bad boy on, considering you cannot see the seams anyway.  Boo.  At least it looks cool.


But what to sew with my closet full of fabric that I have been stashing away for years....

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