Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1980's Bathroom Facelift

The newest edition to our family is 3 weeks old and in true family tradition we embraced yet another home project during a very busy time in our lives.  Our bathroom face lift that was going to be quick and simple, turned out to be time consuming and frustrating.  And in true Dunn Edwards tradition they messed up my Sherwin Williams color match, hence the minty sherbet Grandma green.  Seriously, this green was in my grandma's bathroom along with flowers, bunnies and tiny shell soaps back in the 80's.  Pastels are everywhere in the design world right now.  I love a hint of pastels paired with some brass, a lot of neutrals and a pop of black. I thought just maybe a minty green might work.  Not!  I needed to tone it down a bit.  A white with a hint of green and gray should work.

My dh suggested we take down the wallpaper and maybe it would grow on didn't.  Sticky wallpaper shredded all over the house aside, I get to pick out new wall and cabinet colors.  The husband says paint is my nemesis.  I agree.  Seriously, I wish we had pictures of our first house.  Bad......(thinking).....just  Bad.  We decided to spend a little more on hardware (lighting, handles and faucets) to keep for the major renovation when we gut the entire bathroom hopefully, one day.  So here is where we are at.  Below is my Lew's cabinet hardware in brushed brass.  Cabinet paint is "Cumulus" by Dunn Edwards and wall paint is Martha Stewart "Ash Bark."  

I also picked up some lighting today.  The vintage brass bamboo chandelier we thrifted is for the master bath.  Hoping it will look good with some small white contemporary shades.  

I bought two of these deco yet elegant Allen + Roth brushed chrome lights for the guest bathroom. 

And this new one from Home Depot.  Brass is back, baby!  In a good way.

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